3 Island Tour


The beautiful Laguna Yalahau is a natural paradise worth admiring; it is surrounded by mangroves and separates Isla Holbox from the mainland.

The three island tour is a classic here in Holbox. It begins in the early morning, before the sun is too hot. Visitors travel by boat through the Yalahau lagoon, often seeing exotic birds, jumping fish, and even crocodiles. The river then feeds into a beautiful blue lagoon spotted with pink flamingos, where Isla Pajaros, or bird island, lies.


Bird Island is the nesting site for the winged creatures of Holbox. More than 140 species of bird call this island (500 meters of sand and guano) home. Here it is comon to see brown pelicans, white pelicans, white edies, frigate birds, double crested cormorant, storks, and flamingos. You don't have to be a bird enthusiast to enjoy this close-up view of these beautiful creatures.


From Isla Pajaros the boat moves to Yalahau, or ''eye of water,'' a freshwater pool with a natural gurgling spring. This placed was used as a watering hole by pirates, back when pirates enjoyed the white sandy beaches of Holbox as much as today's tourist does. Here, you may swim in the refreshing waters of this pool, which, as the locals like to say, will make you ten years younger.


Your last stop is Passion Island, a tiny little deserted beach full of bright pink seashells. Here, from the observation tower, you get a great view of the lagoon andHolbox. You may even see the remains of the turtle nursery once installed onPassion Island, before returning to Holbox with a full camera, ready to sit back and relax once again.

Duration: 2.30 -3 hours

Includes: Transportation to and from the hotel, water and refreshments on board.

Recommendations: Bring swimsuit, towel and biodegradableble sunscreen.

Price: 38 USD per person

Please ask for more information.