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Person Ages 6+


Enjoy a magical experience that will turn your night into one of your best memories.

Bioluminescence is the very weak light production of certain organisms, which in the dark is very visible, because on the island of Holbox there is a large number of species known as phytoplankton, a luminescent effect is generated as in very few places.

For your best enjoyment, we would go to your Hotel on the day of the tour approximately 15 to 10 minutes before, after arriving at the area where the activity will take place, we will have an hour of interaction with the sea and then we will return to your hotel.

It is important to mention that the exact time of the tour was confirmed a day before, this because we depend on the conditions of nature to operate. On some occasions the tour has been carried out at dawn.

In case of a cancellation due to weather conditions, 100% will be refunded.