Tulum and Cobá Tours


Considered to be one of the most beautiful Mayan archaeological sites, Tulum is by no means the largest, but its location serves as a striking backdrop to its history.

The only Mayan archaeological site to be in use at the time of the Spanish conquest, Tulum, means "wall" in Maya. Also known as Zama, or city of dawn, this beautiful site sits on 15-meter high cliffs above the sea. 

Primarily in use from 1200 to 1450, it was the major commercial port for Coba and other landlocked cities. Abandoned by the 16th century, it is now fully excavated and parts restored. About one and a half hours south of Cancun, the site is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. The highway from Cancun has many ecotourist cenotes where you can swim and snorkel in the fresh waters, and explore caves.

Tulum was surrounded on three sides by a rock wall, which may have been for defense, and protected on the eastern side by the sea. The chief structure of Tulum, El Castillo (The Castle) sits on a high point of the site, facing the ocean. Reefs just off the coast make entry into Tulum difficult, and it’s theorized that one of the purposes of El Castillo  was to act as a lighthouse and guidance system for boats.

One of the most striking buildings, the Templo del Dios Descendente, features the diving, or descending god. His image appears all over the site, but his true name and meaning are not known. Linked to rain, lightning, and water, he may be a bee god, as honey was one of the major trade products of the Mayans in this region.

Tulum has easily-accesible, beautiful beaches, so you can have a refreshing swim after exploring the site.

Combination tour to visit two extraordinary cities of the ancient Maya. Tulum is characterized by its special location next to the Caribbean Sea. In this tour you have enough time to swim in the crystal clear Caribbean. 

Tulum: Tulum is one of the most ancient registered and known cities to the Western world. In 1518 the Spanish chronicler Juan Diaz recounted having seen a city "as big as Seville" with a tower. This was undoubtedly the Castle of Tulum, which at that time was still occupied by the inhabitants of this independent City.

Cobá: For its historical importance and beauty of its natural environment, Coba is a must for anyone interested in learning about the archeology of the Mayan. The long walk along the structures also offers the opportunity to observe a large variety of birds and animals in the region, as well as numerous plant species that make up the jungle environment of this site. 

Duration: between 11 and 12 hours (departure 6:30 am)

The price of 330 usd for 2 people includes: Transportation round trip for 2 people from your hotel in Holbox to Coba and Tulum ( taxi from your hotel to the pier, tickets for the ferry, vehicle with chauffeur from Chiquila to Coba and Tulum and return to your hotel in Holbox ).

Recommendations: Comfortable shoes, bathing suit, towel and sunscreen.

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