Xcaret, a marvel-filled territory located 55 kilometers south of the city of Cancun and only 5 kilometers from Playa del Carmen on Federal Highway 180,

Xcaret gets its name from the Maya word meaning "inlet" in reference to its location on one of the zone's most important coves. Xcaret was an economically important part of the Maya culture, a commercial exchange center, thus its original name seems to have been P'ole' , a word derived from the rootword P'ol, meaning 'merchandise'.

Xcaret is one of the most interesting attractions on the Riviera Maya, both because of its archaeological monuments and its Ecological Park, dedicated to disseminating the Maya and Mexican cultures in general, as well as to preserving the environment and the ecology. Numerous species of flora and fauna are preserved in their natural state within the park's boundaries. 

Although the foundations seem to have been laid in the early classic period, 200 - 600 A.D., most of the Maya constructions and monuments you can visit in Xcaretbelong to the middle and late post-classic period (1200 - 1550 A.D.) when the Spaniards landed in the area. Within the site is a Catholic church, proof that the zone was inhabited by the colonizers when they arrived, and its presence denotes and symbolizes the clash of civilizations that would radically alter the history of the American continent, this being one of the most ancient monuments of Spanish origin in all of Mexico.

The different archaeological zones are grouped into units identified by letters to define the most interesting sites for visitors. The wall which encircles the zone is closed off from the sea, separating the swamps next to the coast from the inland area. The whole collection of Maya constructions distributed in the area and the ecological park which re-creates a natural paradise of immense ecological riches, are both combined into one magical experience which reveals the uniquely singular natural beauty and cultural depth to be found on the Caribbean coasts.

Duration: 13 hours (departure 6:30 am)

Includes: Transportation to and from the hotel, entrance fee to Xel-Ha (all-included).

Recommendations: Comfortable shoes, bathing suit, towel and sunscreen.

Price: 185 USD

There are so many things to see and do at Xcaret! No less than 25 attractions are included in your entrance ticket to the park. We suggest you plan an itinerary to get the most out of your day. Locator guides in the park make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Attractions your ticket includes: 

" Underground and Mayan Village Rivers
" Beach, Inlets and wells
" Manatee Lagoon
" Coral Reef Aquarium
" Marine Turtles
" Apiary (Traditional Bee Cultivation)
" Bat Cave
" Butterfly Pavilion
" Ecological Tour (Reservations at the booth behind the rivers entrance)
" Jaguar & Puma Islands
" Mushroom Farm
" Orchid Conservatory
" Tropical Jungle Walk
" Wild Bird Aviary
" Deers and Monkeys
" Daily Museum and theater Presentations
" Theater " Equestrian Show
Xcaret Spectacular Night Show
" Archaeological Sites
Xcaret Cultural and Archaeological Museum

Aditional attractions: 

" Snorkeling Tour
" Scuba Diving Tour
" Children's Pony Rides
" Horseback riding
" Snuba Tour
" Swim with dolphins
" A walk on the bottom of the sea

Duration: between 11 and 12 hours (departure 6:30 am)

The price of 310 usd for 2 people includes: Transportation round trip for 2 people from your hotel in Holbox to Xcaret  ( taxi from your hotel to the pier, tickets for the ferry, vehicle with chauffeur from Chiquila to Xcaret and return to your hotel in Holbox ).

Recommendations: Comfortable shoes, bathing suit, towel and sunscreen.

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