It´s much more faster and easier


Transportation to Holbox does not always has to be by land. Holbox Travel offers you a quick and safe alternative: air transportation to the island from Cancun or Playa del Carmen in less than 30 minutes!
Would you prefer to see Holbox Island from the sky? 

Prefer to reach the island in about 30 minutes instead of two to three hours? 

Holbox Travel offers you the ideal solution: air transportation for up to six people in a Cessna! 

Our air service provider has an unblemished record for over decades and will provide you with not only a quick and enjoyable journey, but one of the best possible views of Holbox Island. 

Ask one of our representatives for prices or further details.

Departing from Playa del Carmen: 625 USD + i.v.a
Departing from Cancun: 768 USD + i.v.a

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