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Private Tour to Tulum and Cobá

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1 - 4 people
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Explore one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of the Mayan culture!

Private transportation from Chiquila port, vehicle with chofér to the ruins.

Considered as one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of the Mayan culture. While Tulum is not the largest of the sites, it is, however, one of the most beautiful because of its location on the shore of the Caribbean Sea with its blue and crystal clear waters.

Tulum, which means “wall” in Maya, is the only archaeological site that was inhabited when the Spaniards came to conquer the area. Also known as “Zama” or “city of dawn”, this incredible site is sitting on the edge of the cliff about 15 meters high from the sea.

Inhabited by the Maya between 1200 and 1450, it was an important commercial port for Cobá and other Mayan cities in the interior of the peninsula. Abandoned at the beginning of the 26th century, local people continued to visit the temples to burn copal and pray until recently.

Tulum was surrounded on three sides by a rock wall that may have served as a defense, and protected on the eastern side by the sea. The main structure of Tulum, El Castillo sits on a high point of the site, facing the ocean. The reefs off the coast make entry by sea to difficult Tulum, and it is theorized that one of the purposes of El Castillo was to act as a beacon and navigation system for the ships.

One of the most striking buildings, the Temple of the Descending God, shows the god of the jump or god descending. His image appears throughout the site, but his real name and meaning are not known. Linked to rain, lightning, and water, he can be a god of the bee, since honey was one of the main commercial products of the Maya in this region.