Hike Nativa

How about a museum in the middle of the jungle? Our Museum of Trails, will take you through 7 different experiences that combine nature and culture where you will learn about the flora and fauna of the Mayan jungle. In addition, you will climb through our 20 meter high Panoramic Tower. The view is spectacular!

Join this hiking adventure to enjoy the smells, colors and extraordinary sounds of the jungle and its spectacular landscapes.

Look well on all sides, you could meet with various wild species such as, spider monkey, raccoon, iguana, coati, squirrel and deer among many other species.

How do we do it?

Native Hike is a 6 hrs tour. 15 min.
With hours of: - 8:00 hrs - 11:30 hrs. - 13:00 hrs.

And that is operated as follows:
1. Arrival at the reception located in the Nativa park in Solferino where bracelets are handed out and the guide is presented.
2. Visitors are brought to our spiritual purification ceremony at the
Altar de Nativa and will pay tribute in the House of the Aluxes.
3. The guide directs the group to the area of ​​lockers to leave their belongings and valuables. 4. They are given time to go to the bathroom.
5. They are given the welcome briefing, their activity and will explain the security measures, as well as the delivery of the corresponding equipment.
6. Visitors will be transferred to our Panoramic Tower where we have 2 observation platforms, one at 10 meters and the second at 20 meters in height
7. At the end of the tour in the Panoramic Tower, visitors will visit our Museum of Trails to start the expedition through 7 themed trails: 1) Path of time 2) Trail of chewing gum 3) Path of Silence 4) Path of embrace 5) Path of the Birds 6) Path Reptiles and 7) Animal Path.
8. On each path there is a water and rest station.
9. The guide takes visitors back to the Palapa Principal where the equipment will be returned.
10. Visitors will have 1 hour to eat at our Buffet in the Main Palapa.
11. Visitors will have an hour to be in our Pool area.
12. Visitors will be taken to our viewing area to see their pictures and buy the ones they like.
13. The guide will take you to the exit that is through the park store to take your transport vehicle back to your hotel.