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The flavors of the sea in Holbox

Holbox is a paradise for your senses and this includes the taste since here you can enjoy a carnival of flavors and textures characteristic of the fishing villages located in the Yucatan Peninsula.


Just out of the oven the lobster pizza has become a typical dish of Isla, always prepared with the exquisite flavor of this fishing village melting melted cheese with fresh lobster pieces, makes this pizza a total delight, but also You can choose other ingredients such as octopus, shrimp or even the traditional pepperoni.

But no doubt there are other interesting options:

Captured on its shores, the octopus is one of the delights of the island, the seasoning achieved here is unparalleled and the flavor of its octopus enchilado is unique. In addition the old world is present in the list with Italian food of Mediterranean influences that perfectly fuses the products of the Sea. Excellent options are the pasta and fish caponata.

ater on the seashore, you can enjoy regional food such as the delicious seafood panuchos, achiote fish or the exquisite green ceviche.

The great variety of seafood and the mixture of cultures that make up the old continent, and the stories of lovers with a touch of their world give Holbox exquisite flavors and seasoning that enrich its cuisine.