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What to do in Holbox

The island of Holbox is a destination that you can not miss, although it is small, it offers several options for all tastes, ranging from water sports, gastronomic tours to various cultural activities.

holbox island

To enjoy your stay to the fullest, here are several perfect options to do there.

Visit the 3 Islands

A pleasant experience is to know the attractions that surround the island of Holbox, through a journey that begins in Isla Pájaros where up to 35 species are observed throughout the year, following with Yalahau a natural paradise worthy of admiration surrounded by mangroves and where There is the famous Eye of Water that has vitalized the travelers that pass through there since the time of the ancient Mayans. Until arriving to Isla Pasión, a virgin refuge surrounded by nature, ideal for couples looking for a romantic moment.

Swimming with the whale shark

The largest fish in the world up to 14 meters long visits the island from May to mid-September. This totally harmless animal offers an unparalleled experience by allowing you to swim beside it in the warm waters of the island.

Tour to Cabo Catoche

Cabo Catoche is the meeting point between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, just 43 kilometers east of Holbox, this semi-inhabited island is a beautiful landscape of unspoiled beaches and lush marine life, perfect for fishing and the snorkel.

Also … parties in Holbox that you can enjoy

  • The holbox carnival
  • San Telmo González patronal feast
  • International whale shark day

Definitely in Holbox … there is a lot to do and discover!