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Visit Holbox

We have all heard something about this beautiful place: its distinctive fauna, its incredible climate, the beautiful sea, but what makes it so special? And why should you definitely visit it on your next vacation?

As part of the nature reserve Yum Balam whose name translated from the Maya means “Lord Jaguar” this beautiful island is a treasure of nature, and there are several reasons to say it:

Fall in love

The majestic Caribbean Sea holds many secrets and one of the best hidden is this: island passion. A virgin refuge that is surrounded by nature, ideal for couples looking to live a romantic moment.

Legends of love, white sand and turquoise waters located just 15 minutes from Holbox. The perfect place for lovers

Swim with the Whale shark

Due to the warmth of its waters this majestic animal visits the island from mid-May to the end of September. It is the largest fish in the world but it is totally harmless, so the opportunity to swim by its side is an incredible experience.

This unforgettable activity is recommended for those who love animals and scuba diving. In addition to that the island offers endless options for all tastes, from water sports, to gastronomic tours and cultural activities.

Enjoy the gastronomy

The sea products, make up the main dishes, characteristic of the fishing villages located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The culinary art of this town develops a carnival of flavors and textures, that’s why among tourists, the cuisine of Holbox is one of its main attractions.